Our Work

Sunday Student Food Bank (July 5, 2020 – October 8, 2020)

One Voice Canada arranged a food bank to help out the students in need, in times of covid. It was held every Sunday at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara (7050 120 St Surrey, British Columbia). One Voice Director Mr. Hardeep Singh and Mr. Harsahib Arora organized the food bank to help out international students and people from the local community in the tough times of Covid. It was sponsored by guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, Local Farms of Bc, Guruji Foods, Day Today Wholesale Store, Bank of Montreal, SAYMHA team, Khalsa Aid Canada team, and many other donations from the Public. All Food Bank events were a huge success.

Case Management

One Voice provides and facilitates support for international students who are victims of sexual abuse, labour exploitation, and in severe distress. The One Voice team ensures vulnerable individuals receive the appropriate supports. The team helps students navigate through bureaucratic processes to help them resolve issues. Specific supports provided include:

  • emotional and practical support;
  • helping international students access counselling services, legal services, immigration services; and
  • representing students in dispute resolution hearings

The South Asian Youth Mental Health Ambassador (SAYMH) training program is a language and culturally specific mental health training developed by the South Asian Mental Health Alliance (SAMHA) and funded by the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions. This training develops the knowledge and skills of participants to be ambassadors for mental wellness in their schools, families, and communities. In addition, help remove the stigma of societal issues such mental illness and sexual abuse.

South Asian Youth Mental Health Ambassador (SAYMH) Program

The SAMYHA program includes certification in Mental Health First Aid, developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. SAYMH training, for international students, will cater to the needs and challenges faced by international students in Canada. The SAMHA program for international students is developed in collaboration with SAMHA, local faith and cultural groups, social service agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Information Seminars

One Voice conducts information seminars to raise awareness among international students about key issues that include:

  • how international students are being victimized;
  • the rights and protections provided to residents of Canada; and
  • the various types off support that is available from the non-profit sector.