Our Work

Case Management

One Voice provides and facilitates support for migrants, primarily students, who are victims of exploitation when it involves colleges, landlord, employers, sexual harassment/abuse or those in severe distress. The team helps students navigate through the bureaucratic processes to help them resolve issues. Specific supports provided include:

  • emotional and practical support;
  • helping individuals access counselling services, legal services, immigration services; and other resources such as settlement agencies
  • supporting students through dispute resolution hearings
Special Initiatives

One Voice Canada has collaborated with many different organizations for special initiatives. This includes but is not limited to; seminars or workshops with Options Community Services, an international student food drive during the Covid pandemic with the support of Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, another food drive with Khalsa Aid Canada towards the middle of the Pandemic. The South Asian Youth Mental Health Ambassador Program was able to provide Mental Health First Aid with the support of the South Asian Mental Health Alliance (SAMHAA). Counselling assistance and services through Moving Forward Family Counseling Services and DIVERSEcity Community Resources. Other initiatives include work in collaboration with Students Overcoming Substance Use Disorder & Addictions (Team SOUDA) & collaboration on Anti-Racism initiatives, as students may face racism in the country. World Sikh Organization has also been able to assist in multiple ways across the country as well. We thank and appreciate all our collaborative partners.

Information Seminars & Events

One Voice takes part in information seminars in collaboration with other organizations to raise awareness among international students about key issues that include:

  • how international students are being victimized;
  • the rights students have within Canada; and legalities
  • the various types of support that is available from the non-profit sector.

One Voice also takes part in many events through community collaborations to help better support international students and to help bridge the gap between migrants and the existing community.