About Us

One Voice Canada is a non-profit organization that focuses on bridging gaps between the local communities and international students. One Voice also brings awareness to the issues and vulnerabilities experienced by foreign students in Canada, while advocating and providing them with the resources and support.

One Voice provides awareness, support and advocacy (ASA) to the international student population and to the local community. Our mission is to create a supportive society while promoting global citizenship.

Guiding Values of One Voice

  • Social Justice
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Compassion

What we do?

Awareness: Conduct workshops and seminars to raise awareness among international students to help them understand key issues including:

  • rights and protections provided to students and residents of Canada
  • support that is available through non-profits and government agencies.

Support: Provide immediate emotional and practical support to international students in distress.

Advocacy: One Voice understands the importance of data to understand an issue and find systematic solutions. We collect pertinent data and information to support evidence-based advocacy to bring fundamental change. 

Why we do it?

Many international students in Canada are vulnerable given their difficult circumstances and lack of a support system. This vulnerability has resulted in mistreatment of many students. After hearing of the hardships faced by international students, numerous professionals and local non-profits have come together to address the systemic issues adversely impacting international students and local communities. 

Who we are?

One Voice Canada Foundation consists of public and private sector professionals in various fields including healthcare, social work, law enforcement, information technology and academia.  One Voice is also comprised of support from the following non-profits: